HEIGHT: 5′9 / 175cm  HAIR: Blonde/Long  EYE: Hazel



Film (Feature)


‘Zombie Bro’, May Grehan, 2016. (supporting)

‘Frisky’, Brass Razoo Collective, 2015. (lead)

‘Winning Formula’, LFL Entertainment, 2015. (lead)

‘Australian Enemy’, Praetorian Pictures, 2011. (lead)


Film (Short)

‘The Hitchhiker’, Jungle Entertainment, 2018. (supporting)

‘Quit Yer Lion’, Thedarclaud, 2015. (voice)

‘Changing’, MFSB Films, 2012. (lead)

‘Olympic Torch’, Do It Live Productions, 2012. (lead)

‘The First Sip’, Esteban de la Concha dir, 2010. (lead)

‘Aftermath’, Andrew Nguyen dir, 2010. (lead)

‘Charity House’, Gary O’Shea dir, 2010. (lead)

‘The Tragedienne’, Daniel Saboune dir, 2010. (lead)

‘Hang On’, Paul Tozer dir, 2010. (lead)

‘Bacon’, Adam Nimoy dir, 2010 (lead)

‘Touching From A Distance’, Sven Vranken dir, 2010. (lead)

‘Fairy Tale’, Evgeny Borisov dir, 2010 (lead)

‘Acceptance’, Evgeny Borisov dir, 2010 (lead)

‘She Wants’, Katiene Gaetan dir, 2009. (lead)

‘There Were Four Sisters’, Tim Scott dir, 2009. (lead)

‘Second Chance’, Charlie R Barnett dir, 2009. (lead)

‘Follow The Feet’, Andy Ngo dir, 2009. (lead)

‘Six Years’, Katiene Norton dir, 2009. (lead)

‘The Loss’, Katiene Norton dir, 2009. (lead)

‘Unfaithful’, Dimeji Ajibola dir, 2009. (supporting)

‘Holiday Photos’, Hitch Amer dir, 2009. (lead)

‘7:23’, Tim Seller dir, 2009. (supporting)

‘Untitled (Two Best Friends)’, Ashley King dir, UTS, 2009. (lead)

‘The Projectionist’, Shane Hudson dir, 2009. (lead)

‘Sexemite’, Ritchie Pappas dir, UTS, 2009. (supporting)

‘Powers of Ten’, UNSW, 2009. (voice over)

‘How to Flirt’, UNSW, 2008. (lead)



‘Dead Broke’ (pilot), Do It Live Productions, 2012. (lead)

‘Home and Away’, Channel 7 Australia, 2011. (supporting)

‘Dry July’ (3 commercials), Peer Group Media, 2011. (lead)

‘Dating Show’ (pilot), Built By Team 16, 2011. (lead)

‘My Apocalypse’ (pilot), Elias Kelleher, 2010. (lead)

‘Lara Croft Challenge’, FOX8, 2006. (model/lead)



‘Likewise’, Improvactually Sydney, 2015. (improviser)

‘Bougie Homecoming’, CTA Theatre Los Angeles, 2012. (lead)

‘Visions and Visionaries: Pile High Club’, CTA Theatre Los Angeles, 2012. (lead)

‘Criminal Hearts’, NYFA, 2010. (lead)

‘One Naked Woman And A Fully Clothed Man’, NYFA, 2010. (lead)

claudia pickering 2


‘Service Window’, Frothpocalypse, 2018. (lead)

‘Cheetah Airways’, Frothpocalypse, 2017. (lead)

‘Dyson’, Frothpocalypse, 2017. (lead)

‘Pokemon Go Player's Theme Song’, Frothpocalypse, 2016. (lead)

‘Accidental Dickhead’, Frothpocalypse, 2016. (lead)

‘Sorry - Justin Bieber Bridesmaids’, Frothpocalypse, 2015. (lead)

‘Overprotective Friends’, Frothpocalypse, 2015. (lead)

‘Charlotte Hodges’, Frothpocalypse, 2015. (lead)

‘Fogue - It Girls’, Heaps Funny Shorts, 2014. (lead)

‘Deliveries’, Do It Live Productions, 2014. (lead)

‘FroyOG’, Heaps Funny Shorts, 2014. (lead)

‘Carmen the Chicken Musical’, Heaps Funny Shorts, 2014. (lead)

‘Keith and Kev’ (3 webisodes), Heaps Funny Shorts, 2013. (lead)

‘Wookie Error’ (7 webisodes), Heaps Funny Shorts, 2012. (lead)

‘Vertical Sofa’, Heaps Funny Shorts, 2012. (lead)

‘Pile High Club’, Do It Live Productions, 2012. (lead)

‘Holiday Card’, Do It Live Productions, 2011. (lead)

‘Caravan Lunch’, Do It Live Productions, 2011. (lead)

‘Banjacks and Pervis Do Hackney’ (6 webisodes), Do It Live Productions, 2011. (lead)

‘Pissy Chrissy’, Do It Live Productions, 2011. (lead)

‘Cards’, Do It Live Productions, 2011. (lead)

‘Venice Cheap Skates', Do It Live Productions, 2010. (lead)

‘Sebring feat. Danny Trejo', Do It Live Productions, 2010. (lead)


claudia pickering.jpg


Screenwriting Summer Intensive (Jason Greiff), NYU, USA.

Comedy Improvisation (Todd Fasen), Upright Citizen's Brigade, Los Angeles.

Comedy Improvisation (Kasey Klemm, Laura Derry), BATS Improv, San Francisco.

Comedy Improvisation (Jill Eickmann), Leela, San Francisco.

Comedy and Improvisation (Thomas Farnan), NYFA (LA).

Acting for Film (Adam Nimoy), NYFA (Los Angeles).

Scene Study (Suzanne Kent), NYFA (LA).

Production Workshop on Universal Studios Backlot (Adam Nimoy), NYFA (LA).

Acting Technique Meisner (David Robinette), NYFA (LA).

Voice (Linda Slade), NYFA (LA).

Audition Technique (Rick Kostenick), NYFA (LA).

Monologues (David Brooks), NYFA (LA).

Filmcraft (Kelly Gardner), NYFA (LA).

Shakespeare (Scott Ferrara), NYFA (LA).

Movement for Actors (Jerri Tubbs), NYFA (LA).

Screen Acting (Aaron Jeffery, Roanna Dempsey and Kylie Bonaccorso) – NIDA (Sydney).

TV Presenting (Faye De Lanty and Timothy Green) – NIDA (Sydney).


Athletic: Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Climbing, Cricket, Cycling, Diving, Fencing, Golf, Horse Riding, Ice Skating, Jetski, Kayak, Motor Cycling, Mountain Biking, Netball, Pilates, Rock Climbing, Roller Blading, Running, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Waterskiing, Wind Surfing, Yoga.

Artistic: Piano, Cello, Double Bass, Keyboard, Singing, Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Model-making, Sculpture.

Dance: Swing, Aerobics, Ballet, Cabaret, Reggaeton, Ballroom, Basic Latin.

Other: Driving (car), Camping, Boating, Cooking, Life-Saving, Waitress, Bartender, Work well with Children, Work well with Animals, Architect, Scientist, Orthodontic/Dental Assistant, Vet Nurse/Anaesthetist.

Accents: Australian (native), American (Standard), UK (English).


Diploma in Screen Acting – NYFA, Los Angeles, USA.

Master of Architecture – UNSW, Australia.

Diploma in Feature Film Production and Direction - The Hollywood Film Institute, USA.

Bachelor of Architectural Studies – UNSW, Australia.

International Exchange - UPV, Spain.

Higher School Certificate - Pymble Ladies' College, Sydney.


Sydney Film Festival - Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films Finalist (Hitchhiker)

Australians In Film #AiFUpload Festival - Official Selection 2018 (Cheetah Air)

Chicago Comedy Film Festival - Official Selection 2015 (Winning Formula)

Tropfest, Sydney - #Tropvine Winner 2015 (Quit Yer Lion)

Broad Humor Film Festival, Los Angeles - Official Selection 2015 (Frisky), WINNER: Best Feature Film (Frisky)

For Film's Sake FestivalSydney - Official Selection 2017 (Frisky)

Below Five Zero Film Festival, Melbourne - Official Selection 2016 (Frisky)

New York Film Week - Official Selection 2016 (Frisky)

Atlanta Underground Film Festival - Official Selection 2015 (Winning Formula), WINNER: Best Comedy Feature Film (Winning Formula)

Finow Film Festival, Berlin - Official Selection 2016 (Frisky)

Toronto Film Week - Official Selection 2016 (Frisky)

Mountain of Laughs Comedy Film Festival - Official Selection 2016 (Frisky and Winning Formula)

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival - Official Selection 2015 (Frisky)

Cinema Constant - Best Comedy Feature Film 2015 (Frisky)

Videodrunk Film Festival, Toronto - Official Selection 2015 (Frisky)

Eyecatcher International Film Festival - Official Selection 2015 (Frisky), Best Actress Nomination (Claudia Pickering), Best Actor Nomination (Brandon Wardle)

Austin Revolution Film Festival - Official Selection 2015 (Frisky), WINNER: Best Feature Film - Director's Choice (Frisky), Best Actress Nomination (Claudia Pickering)

Cebu International Film Festival - Official Selection 2015 (Winning Formula)

CinéWomen - Official Selection 2015 (Frisky)

The Temecula Independent Film Festival of the Hollywood and Los Angeles California Wine Country - Official Selection 2015 (Winning Formula), Best Picture Finalist, Best Comedy Feature Finalist.

IndieFEST - Award of Merit: Film Feature (Winning Formula)

New York Film Academy (NYFA), Universal Studios, Los Angeles - Screen Acting. 1 Year Talent Scholarship